Notable In-Store Technology Innovations in 6 Retail Segments

Notable In-Store Technology Innovations in 6 Retail Segments

The physical retail store is going through a phase of significant transformation and experiential technology initiatives by retailers have seen an uprise.  
Fueling this technology adoption is the quality data connectivity which has significantly improved and the exponential decrease in cost.
The emergence of E-Commerce giants like Amazon, Flipkart, Alibaba and the impact they have created in certain segments of retail has forced retailers to think different & stay ahead of the curve. Here are some great examples of how brands have adopted technology to innovate and stay ahead of the curve.
In this article, we will look at notable innovative In-Store technologies from brands across the globe in 6 key segments in the retail industry.

1.   Cosmetics:
Charlotte Tilbury’s Makeover GIF Booth:
This international makeup brand allows it’s customers to make a GIF post makeup which also gives an option to put it on their display walls with names and faces intact. This has not only attracted customers but has also taken their Social Love into consideration.

2.   Clothing:
Marks & Spencer’s Virtual Rail:
Marks & Spencer’s have come with an interesting way to showcase its products. They have combined both the advanced sides of ONLINE and OFFLINE. The virtual Rail is a 3 x 46 touchscreen which consists of all the dresses present in the store. You can browse it and if interested will also give a video demonstration of a model wearing it. You can also order it with a simple tap and get it delivered to your doorsteps. Sounds unique, right?
Rebbecca Minkoff’s Interactive Dressing Room:
Who doesn’t want a personalised dressing room with your choice of dresses and lightning? At Rebecca Minkoff's store, customers really can interact with the dressing rooms. The mirror attached to the wall alongside the store suggests your dress according to your size with the help of their sensors. You can even opt for the lightning which will be saved. The next time you come again, those saved setting will be set up your personalised liking once again.
Uniqlo’s In-Store Neuroscience Stylist:
Japanese retailer UNIQLO has come up with this most advanced technology in stores using their Neuroscience studies.
Its equipment is UNIMOOD which is placed on the foreheads of customers. It reads the psychological reactions and classifies it in different states of mood ‘adventurous’, ‘calm’ or ‘stressed.’ It then suggests clothing according to the types of mood
General Pants’ interactive Kiosks:
General Pants, an Australian clothing retailer, has taken the popularity of social media as an opportunity. It has installed interactive kiosks which joins both online and offline platforms. Customers are allowed to take pictures with apparel or accessories and post it. Other kiosk users give their response on it with a THUMPS UP or a THUMPS DOWN.
Customers can also browse, purchase in-store or order from the Kiosk and shipped directly to their house using ‘Our Picks’ function.

3.   Automobile
Jaguar’s Personalized Virtual Experience:
Sitting in a brand new personalised jaguar with the colour of choice is everybody's dream. Jaguar lets customers virtually choose, make, test the Jaguar Experience. It gives you a 360 view along with sounds and surroundings which makes this experience even more awesome.

4.   Furniture & Home Decor
John Lewis’ Augmented Reality Experiences:
A promising name throughout the UK has come with a completely distinct technique of AR. They allow customers to change any free space into the virtual showroom. In other words, customers can put given chair, sofas, bed virtually at any space which will give them a view of how it will suit in their location. This has given complete freedom to customers to chose any interiors with a complete demonstration.

5.   Hypermarkets
Spar Hypermarket's Digital In-Store Experience
Spar Hypermarkets in India is a leader in creating & delivering omni channel experiences for their customers. Spar’s stores deliver superior digital experiences for their customers through interactive kiosks enabling In-Store Navigation, Kid Pads for engagement with their tiny tot walk-ins, A 3D Visualisation kiosk in the home furnishing category, a kiosk in the food section for discovering recipes and self-checkout kiosks.
6.   Shopping Malls
Interactive Windows at Promenades Cathédrale Shopping Center
Two huge interactive windows in Montreal's trendy downtown shopping centre Promenades Cathédrale is gaining a lot of attention among the shoppers. The customers get a voucher when they buy stuff from any shop in the shop. This voucher can later be scanned in the screen to play a game. This game is nothing but the CLAW GAME which we used to play very often in nearby gaming complex. our childhood, This interactive method is all digital and is fun for the children and the adults as well. Hope you get to play this digital Claw GAME anytime soon.

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